Plant-Based Kitchens: The Benefits of Organization

So you’ve decided you want to incorporate cooking into your life to maximize the flavors of a plant-based diet. You feel great eating plant foods in their whole, natural form, and you want to share the diet with others by preparing amazing tasting food.

Now what?

Before all else, you will need to stay organized in your kitchen. Arranging produce and spices may sound like a trivial part of your plant-based journey, but take it from our co-founder Liron Meller, who has spent the past two decades preparing meals in kitchens around the world.

“The most important rule of preparing food is organization,” wrote Meller in his book Nature Has Flavor: Cooking your Way to a Healthier Life. “An organized kitchen will save you time and make the cooking process all the more enjoyable.”

Meller’s professional opinion is shared by many who have successfully switched to a plant-based diet.

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Switching to a Plant-Based Diet – The Importance of Being Realistic

Switching to a plant-based diet can be a difficult lifestyle change for many people. After all, food is an important part of life, and to this day, animal products are ingrained in our culture. Just think – how many of your best memories involve getting ice cream after a bad day, enjoying burgers at a summer cookout, or simply eating chicken soup when you’re sick? The thought of leaving those memories behind is so daunting that it scares many people away from the plant-based lifestyle.

At Nature Has Flavor, we understand these fears, and our goal is to address them in the most realistic way possible.

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The Limitations of Home-Delivered Meals, and Why Returning to the Kitchen Can Mean Better Health

Home-delivered meals are the latest fad in the food industry, with everyone from single millennials to busy families ordering pre-packaged foods in the mail. These arrangements undoubtedly provide short-term convenience, but thanks to cost, a lack of variety, and far-from-fresh ingredients, most people cannot rely on home-delivery food services in the long term.

At Nature Has Flavor, we believe the best way to sustainably achieve your long-term health goals is to gain the tools and knowledge to prepare your own plant-based meals. By eliminating the need for packaged foods, you gain complete control over what you’re putting into your body.

There’s something special about returning to the kitchen to prepare your own food. Many people find the process exhilarating. Others find it relaxing and therapeutic.

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