Modern Medicine vs. Natural Health – Finding the Right Balance

There are a lot of people in the plant-based world who have been failed by the medical system, and as a result, they no longer trust doctors, prescription medication, and other modern medical practices. Their view is that we have complete control over our health, and doctors are only needed if we make unhealthy choices.

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Is Dairy Actually Bad for You?

Is dairy as harmful as most vegans make it out to be? On today’s episode of the podcast, we delve into the science of dairy and talk about plant-based alternatives.

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Boston VegFest Recap

Nature Has Flavor participated in the 21st annual Boston Veg Food Fest this past weekend at the Reggie Lewis Center in Roxbury. We recap the festival’s sights and sounds, talk about how the plant-based diet has infiltrated the mainstream, and lay out what’s next for Nature Has Flavor.

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Weight Loss And Better Health Through A Plant-Based Diet: A Balanced Truth

A note from our podcast host, Danny Horgan:

On a Friday afternoon a few years ago, I literally high fived the cashier at a gas station when I found out Hostess Donuts were on sale again after a year layoff. These days, I couldn’t even imagine eating something that processed and unhealthy.


Habits are powerful. By establishing new habits, you can change your life in the course of a few months. When you develop a realistic and sustainable habit of eating healthy food, your life will change for the better in more ways than I could ever describe in a blog post.


On this podcast, I talk about nutrition basics and how to navigate the confusing world of “healthy food.” Arm yourself with some knowledge, and take control of your health. Nature Has Flavor was created to make healthy cooking and eating sustainable in the long-term.

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