A Chat with Jasmine from SweetSimpleVegan.com

Our podcast guest today is Jasmine from SweetSimpleVegan.com. Jasmine is a blogger, a Youtuber, and an author who shares recipes and lifestyle advice through her website and channel. Jasmine is also part of a thriving Los Angeles vegan scene that’s home to a number of vegan media personalities and exciting new restaurants.

On today’s episode of the show, Jasmine talks about the inspiration that led her to start Sweet Simple Vegan and discusses topics including…

-Jasmine’s travels across the US, and some of her favorite vegan food on the road

-Jasmine’s appearance on TMZ Live earlier this year

-The YouTubers who inspired Jasmine to start making videos

-A typical day of eating in Jasmine’s life

-Jasmine’s dream three-course meal

-The future of Sweet Simple Vegan

-Much more!

Visit Jasmine: http://sweetsimplevegan.com/

Jasmine’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/sweetsimplevegan

Music: Purple-Planet.com

Harvey Levin on being vegetarian (6:14 mark):