When it Comes to Health, New Year’s Goals Matter


Many people are skeptical of New Year’s resolutions. We all have that one Facebook friend who will inevitably use December 31st as an excuse to lecture us on why we shouldn’t wait until January 1st to set goals. And somewhere in the back of our heads, we often ask ourselves, “If I have a goal, why wait until a certain date to go for it?”

Skepticism is healthy in the right places, but it can be toxic to goal setting, especially on a personal level. Doubting whether you can become healthier in 2017, for example, is not going to help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, or achieve any other resolution you’ve set for yourself.

So in that regard, we say embrace the New Year as a launching point for your healthier self. Technically, January 1st is just a date. But it’s a date we can give meaning to by telling ourselves that when the clock strikes midnight on Saturday, we are going to move forward with confidence towards better dietary and lifestyle choices.

Perhaps what’s most incredible about the plant-based diet is the cumulative effects it can have on the body. While many people report feeling healthier and more energetic after just one day of eating whole, plant-based meals, others can experience increases in health and fitness for months and even years after beginning the diet. Consistency goes a long way when it comes to health, and the best way to stay consistent is to repeatedly make healthy, but manageable choices.

If you’re sitting for a block of time, stand up and walk for a minute or two. Park a little farther away from grocery stores so you have to go an extra 100 steps. Swap your store-bought olive oil for real extra virgin olive oil from Italy. Those little things can make a WORLD of difference over time.

January 1st is a great date to look back on as the start of your new health goals. It’s easy to remember, and it’s easy to track in terms of days, weeks, and months spent working towards your resolutions. Starting a whole foods, plant-based diet on the first day of 2017 is a decision the you on February 1st and even June 1st will thank you for. And you’ll be able to look back and say, “I’ve been a healthier person for the entirety of 2017.”

Sometimes the hardest part of reaching goals is setting out to accomplish them. When it comes to diet, this process isn’t just psychological. Chances are, your body is used to eating certain foods, and even if those foods are unhealthy, swapping them for healthy plant-based meals may be a physical adjustment. But once you get the ball rolling, the process can become easier by the day. Countless people have reported that once they adapt to the plant-based diet, their cravings change. Instead of wanting to wolf down a pint of ice cream in a few months, you may crave fruit, whole grain artisan bread, or even fresh vegetables.

Regardless of what your health goals in 2017 may be, we wish you the best of health and success in the New Year! – The Nature Has Flavor Team