Best Plant Based Diet Recipes

Turn your home kitchen into a culinary playground for mind-blowing whole food plant-based meals with Nature Has Flavor: Cooking Your Way to a Healthier Life.

Nature Has Flavor’s Whole Food Plant Based Cookbook: Cooking Your Way to a Healthier Life is now available in both print and digital formats!  Purchase the ebook on Amazon or through the Barnes and Noble website.

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Whole food diets have long been considered healthy and rejuvenating, but until now, no one has truly unlocked the culinary potential of the plant-based lifestyle. Nature Has Flavor is changing that fact, one mouthwatering meal at a time.

Led by long-time professional chef Liron Meller, Nature Has Flavor is breathing new life into the vegan community by providing health-conscious women and men with the tools and knowledge to prepare innovative, delicious meals—without the use of animal products.

From the shopping process to the detailed meal preparation, Nature Has Flavor: Cooking Your Way to a Healthier Life shares long-time chef secrets with the public to revolutionize the way people approach healthy cooking and living. Just some of what you’ll find within this whole food plant based cookbook:

  • Tips on organizing your kitchen, the chef’s way
  • Scientifically-backed nutrition information on the plant-based diet
  • Techniques and tricks chefs use to make your meals taste so amazing
  • Information on making the lifestyle transition to the whole-food diet, including dealing with skeptical family members

Our plant based diet book offers the best recipes for…

  • Savory soups
  • Flavorful, refreshing salads
  • Tasty, energizing breakfasts
  • Unique pasta dishes
  • Cultural recipes for any occasion
  • So much more!