Emilie from EmilieEats.com on How to Find Balance Through the Plant-Based Diet

Our podcast guest today is Emilie from the popular plant-based food blog EmilieEats.com. Emilie launched her blog in August of 2015, and in the time since, the site has grown rapidly thanks to Emilie’s recipes that range from plant-based salads to snacks and desserts.

On today’s episode, Emilie chats with us about her blog’s beginnings as well as…

-Why Emilie doesn’t believe in roller coaster dieting

-The reasons Emilie eats a plant-based diet

-Why the plant-based diet is different from various fad diets

-Emilie’s daily eating habits

-Emilie’s dream three-course plant-based meals without any restrictions on budget or access to food

-The future of EmilieEats.com, and what her readers can expect in the coming years

-Much more!

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