Investing in Your Health – A Smart Financial Decision


When looking to save money, one of the first areas people look to reduce spending is food.

  • “Am I eating out too much?”
  • “Am I spending too much on groceries?”
  • “Is there a cheaper version of what I’m already buying?”

The truth is that the human body is adaptable enough to survive on nearly any type of diet and food budget. College students, after all, goes years eating nothing but Ramen noodles and peanut butter. But simply “surviving” and reaching your optimal health are two completely different things. So while reducing your food budget may save you money in the short-term, is it really the best long-term financial decision?

Let’s start by examining just how food affects your life. First and foremost, the food you eat will determine your energy levels throughout the day. Pounding donuts and soda for breakfast will give you a quick sugar rush, but you will inevitably crash. Eating several pieces of avocado toast, however, will fuel your body with nutrients and allow you to function at your best while maintaining steady energy.

Second, food has a direct impact on your health, especially in the long term. Eating a few pieces of cake certainly won’t hurt you on the spot, but eating cake several times a week can lead to weight gain, blood sugar spikes, and arterial plaque build up. By the same token, eating one salad won’t make you healthy on the spot, but consistently eating nutrient-dense plant foods can allow your body to heal, revive, and thrive.

And finally, food can play a role in your overall happiness and well being. After all, who doesn’t love sitting down to a delicious dinner at night, or waking up to a mind-blowing breakfast to start the day?

When examining these factors, it becomes clear that eating healthy can be the best investment ever make. Let’s look at just some of the dividends of your investment in health:

  • You will be more productive at work and at home with your additional energy, leading to immeasurable financial and time-saving benefits.
  • If you spend three hours per week preparing healthy plant-based meals, you could add almost 14 years to your life, according to studies that show plant-based diets can reverse heart disease
    By investing in healthy food (rather than cheap, processed food), you could save tens of thousands of dollars in future doctor and pharmacy co-pays and other medical costs.

Many people worry that they will have to sacrifice the quality of their meals to achieve the aforementioned benefits. But our goal at Nature Has Flavor is to show you just how amazing plant-based meals can be. We’re confident that once you learn how to prepare your own mind-blowing plant-based meals, you’ll never have to choose between good health and good taste again.