Modern Medicine vs. Natural Health – Finding the Right Balance


On today’s episode of the Nature Has Flavor Podcast, we delve into the role doctors should play in our lives, even if we’re living a healthy lifestyle.

There are a lot of people in the plant-based world who have been failed by the medical system, and as a result, they no longer trust doctors, prescription medication, and other modern medical practices. Their view is that we have complete control over our health, and doctors are only needed if we make unhealthy choices. Are they right?

In an attempt to answer that question, we delve into the following topics…

-How symptom checkers have changed the way the public views doctors

-Gene activation, and how you may have genes that have been dormant your entire life

-How the environment throws off our bodies, and how we simply can’t avoid health stressors like fuel exhaust and heavy metal contamination

-The amount of control we really have over our own health

-The value of the medical field during health emergencies

-Much more!

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