Nature Has Flavor Reviews

Nature Has Flavor is excited about our programs and the feedback we’ve been getting. Here’s what our clients and friends are saying…

“The knowledge and support have truly helped me to transition to a healthier way of eating. I wanted to get off sugar and lose weight and Chef Liron’s inspirational advice has helped me to get started and start attaining some of my goals.”
— Geri K. | Blaine, WA

“I’ve been on the plant-based diet for over six years now, and The Box is legitimately a game changer. You can tell this has a chef’s influence, which we’ve been sorely lacking in the plant-based world for a while now. If you want someone you love to be exposed to the plant-based diet, The Box is your answer. The recipes in the cookbook are top-notch, and the ingredients they include truly are a level above the stuff you get at grocery stores.”
– Chelsea M. | Dallas, TX

“No matter what I tried, I could never get my sons to enjoy their vegetables. Even with the promise of extra dessert, my boys always would push their broccoli away with a consistent grimace. By making my meals with the seasonings in The Box, I finally have my family eating healthy again. And my boys actually like the food! It’s amazing how tweaking a few ingredients can turn a grimace into a smile.”
– Monica C. | Los Angeles, CA

“I care about my health, and The Box has made my life so much easier when it comes to healthy food. I’m able to make my own salad dressings that taste amazing, and I’m even beginning to cook and pack my own lunches now. I’m never at a loss for taste these days, and I’m feeling healthier and eating cleaner than I have in my entire life.”
– Keith M. | Chicago, IL

“I’m a C-level cook but an A-level lover of food. So the idea of using the same quality of oils and herbs that chefs use seemed like the perfect way to improve my meals given my…erm…”limitations” in the kitchen. And wow, was I right!! Now, even when I make mistakes, I can cover them up with ridiculously good lemon-infused olive oil or allspice. It feels like I’m eating at a restaurant all the time.”
– Stephen J. | San Francisco, CA

“I received Nature Has Flavor’s Box as a gift from a friend who swore by how much better the olive oils were than what I was getting at the store. Within one night of cooking, I was a believer too. Even the simplest meals taste fuller and richer using the truffle-infused oil. The recipes in the cookbook are also really useful, especially since I hadn’t found many good plant-based recipes.”
– Jamie B. | New York, NY